Prickly Poppy

Argemone albiflora, the white prickly poppy, also known as the bluestem prickly poppy or the Texas prickly poppy, is a small erect plant with a decorative white flower with a yellow latex. It is deeply rooted with yellow or red stamens. The plant is known for the sharp prickles on its stem and leaves. The sepals fall off as the flower of this plant grows bigger. It grows in the arid regions of the southern Midwest along roadsides and disturbed pieces of land. Native Americans have long revered this plant for its medicinal and other uses.

White prickly poppy is an annual or biennial plant that often grows in colonies in sandy or gravelly soils. This plant is often found along fences, roadsides, railroad tracks, on hills and slopes, and in overgrazed pastures. This plant is usually avoided by cattle and many other animals that roam the southern Midwest area as it is very prickly and has limited nutritional value. The seeds are the most nutritional part of the plant. Quails and doves consume these seeds for its high oil content. Each flower produces an abundance of seeds making it a reliable food source.

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Size: 10.8 x 14 cm
Material: 10% Recycled with FSC-Certified Paper
Compostable plastic sleeve made of plants
Feature: Blank interior
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