Pansy Orchid Thank You

Pansy Orchid (Miltonia vexillaria)

  • Distribution and habitat: Miltonia vexillaria is a species of epiphytic orchid founded in isolated patches in the central mountain region of Colombia. It grows on the margins of mountain forests.
  • Description: Miltonia vexillaria has pseudobulbs up to 6cm (2 inches) tall, each bearing at least three strap-shaped leaves 20-30cm (8-12 inch) long. Flowers stalks grow to 50cm (20 inches) tall; several flowers stalks may be produced at one time from each pseudobulb. The stalks are each topped by three or more notably flattened, fragrant flowers each about 8cm (3 inches) across. Flower colour is pale lilac to rosy red, with the large lip (up to 7cm (2.7 inches) across) darker in colour than the rest of the flower and with a prominent yellow crest. There can be up to eight flowers per stalk, each flower usually lasting about four weeks. A large plant with many spikes can be in bloom for three months. Their peak flowering season is spring to early summer with a smaller spurt in autumn.

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Size: 10.8 x 14 cm
Material: 10% Recycled with FSC-Certified Paper
Compostable plastic sleeve made of plants
Feature: Blank interior