Scorpions Fighting


Scorpions have been found in many fossil records, including marine Silurian and estuarine Devonian deposits, coal deposits from the Carboniferous Period and in amber. The oldest known scorpions lived around 430 million years ago in the Silurian period.

Nature shows us that Scorpion has a great ability to protect itself, making Scorpion’s meaning one of self-preservation. The symbolism of the Scorpion is wrapped up in it's ability to focus on it's power, this is the Scorpion special gift. Scorpions magic is the magic of "defense". We all have to protect ourselves from threat. Many times we do not notice threats, but the Scorpion was born to protect itself from invasion naturally.

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Size: 10.8 x 14 cm
Material: 10% Recycled with FSC-Certified Paper
Compostable plastic sleeve made of plants
Feature: Blank interior
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