You Belong Among the Stars


Considered as one of the best sky watchers of ancient times, the ancient Pawnee tribes were especially interested in the gods of the sky. Among them, there were astronomers who watched the movements of the planets and particularly venerated the North Star as a beneficent creator god, and went in strong fear of the magical South Star, a force of opposition belonging to the underworld.

They fully trusted the stars regarding various important events which supposedly could take place and their most sacred ceremonies were tied to the stars.The stars were the Pawnee's true timekeeper, indeed. These people possessed a true understanding of the movement of stars and their life from the beginning to the end was focused on the star positions in the sky. The stars served not only as a calendar for the Pawnee, they developed complex star ceremonies and rituals.

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Size: 10.8 x 14 cm
Material: 10% Recycled with FSC-Certified Paper
Process: Foil Stamp
Compostable plastic sleeve made of plants
Feature: Blank interior
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  • 135.00 ฿